5 Savvy Energy Saving Tips for Winter

It’s always a shock when the warm weather suddenly disappears and long, cold winter days arrive. But that’s nothing compared to the shock of a rising energy bill. 

To help save you a little money this winter, we’ve put together 5 energy saving tips that you can implement in your home. Before you’re tempted to crank up the central heating and mentally prepare for the costs that follow, take a look!

5 Energy Saving Tips You Need to Know About:

  1. Consider Upgrading Your Windows

Are your windows cold to the touch? One of the most beneficial energy saving tips is to replace your windows. Installing triple or double glazing units will lower your energy bill and add comfort to your home.

In older properties, the windows are usually made with a single pane of glass. Although this tends to preserve character by steering clear of modern technology, it often means draughts and condensation are more prominent.

If you’re keen to maintain your property’s charming exterior, the best way to wave goodbye to pesky draughts is to install window draught excluders.

  1. Spruce Up Your Decor

While curtains can add personality and style to your interior, they also help to preserve heat. The thicker and heavier, the better, as this will provide greater insulation. With super simple installation, this is one of the easiest ways to save energy.

 Here are some of the qualities you should look out for when choosing the perfect pair:

  • Dark colours – choosing curtains with rich, dark colours facing outwards will help to absorb more heat from the sun.
  • Blackout – although great for getting a good night’s sleep, their thick lining provides plenty of insulation.
  • Thermal properties – with extra lining inside, thermal curtains are much more insulating than traditional curtain styles.

If you’re not prepared to switch out your favourite curtains this winter, blinds or shutters could be a better option. This adds another layer of insulation, boosting the energy efficiency of your home!

  1. Draught-Proof Your Home

If you’ve noticed a stream of cold air coming from the bottom of your external doors, a draught excluder could be a worthy purchase this winter. As it sits along the bottom edge of your door, this prevents cold air from coming inside and stops any heat from escaping.

With fantastic customisation options, you can choose from:

  • Cushioned fabric draught excluders (cheapest option)
  • Rubber draft seals
  • Brush draught excluders
  1. Check For Leaks

Leaks can crop up in your home from damaged roof tiles, clogged drain pipes and even from faulty or broken windows and doors. In the case of the latter, you can expect that there is a hole or gap enabling water to enter your property.

In this case, there is a possibility that the very same gap has the potential to let air flow through. If it can get inside, it can find its way out – meaning heat is gradually escaping. If it’s not fixed, you’ll struggle to keep your home warm and toasty whilst continually increasing your energy bill.

  1. Lap Up the Sunlight

In the midst of winter, we’ve got to get pretty savvy with our energy saving tips. Unlike in the summertime, where you might close your curtains to keep your property cool, the colder months require you to do the opposite. 

Take advantage of that rare, crisp winter daylight by opening your curtains and blinds to allow the sun to stream in. This will naturally provide warmth and comfort without the need for central heating. By shutting your curtains as soon as night falls, you’ll keep the heat inside.

Making a note of these energy saving tips will dramatically reduce your energy bills this winter. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to upgrade the glass in your home to keep the cold out and the warmth in, check out UK Glazing Group to discover our world-class services.

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